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This section addresses issues of specific interest to software developers.

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T-Bill Open Source Time and Billing Software is sold with the source code. This is done to make purchasing the program attractive to software developers. While this is commonly done with software developed for the Linux operating system, it is hardly ever done with Windows software. This is indicative of the innovation that we strive for at MG Software Systems.

Technical Overview

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  • T-Bill was developed in Visual FoxPro version 6.0. The source code can be used with versions 7.0 or 8.0 with little or no modification. Version 8.0 supports XP themes, so if that is your target O/S, you can enhance the appearance of the T-Bill screens by applying the various themes available in Windows XP.

  • T-Bill uses native Visual FoxPro database files, utilizing the .DBC (database container). The database employs referential integrity, a feature available when using the container file. Deleted records are replaced with randomly generated keys which are invisible to the program. This minimizes the need to PACK tables, since deleted records are reused before new records are created.

  • T-Bill uses the Visual FoxPro report designer to produce reports and invoices. The report designer is compiled into a separate executable program, allowing you to distribute the report designer to your end-users. If you prefer to design reports for your end-users, you may choose not to include the designer on their desktop.

  • Most of the T-Bill reports are produced by creating a temporary database file based on a report template file. Different report templates are used for different types of reports; there is a single template used for producing invoices. Since we provide the source code, you can create as many different templates as you like to enhance the capabilities of the report system.

  • The installation file that you will see when you download the trial version was created using WinRar. This is a simple but effective method of installing Visual FoxPro software without modifying the Registry settings on the target PC. Of course, you may create your own installation programs using any method supported by VFP, including InstallShield, Microsoft Installer, etc.

  • T-Bill does not utilize any ActiveX controls.

  • For demonstration purposes, T-Bill does utilize a third party DLL for the spell checker. If you intend to recompile T-Bill and wish to use this spelling checker, you may purchase Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine for Windows directly from Wintertree Software.

If you would like to download the trial version, please visit the Download page.

Additional Downloads

PDF files require Adobe version 4.0 or higher.

T-Bill Help Files (tbhelp.zip)
When you purchase T-Bill, all source files will be provided for these help files.

T-Bill User Manual (PDF)
The manual is supplied to you as a MS Word document. When you purchase T-Bill, you may modify the manual and create your own PDF file using Adobe Acrobat.

T-Bill Function Library Source Code (PDF)
This source file is provided here as a PDF file to allow you to review the coding style of T-Bill Open Source Time and Billing Software. When you purchase the program, all of the original source code is provided; this particular file is a .PRG text file.

Improved Timer Function (timer.zip)
This improved timer function (timer.sct / timer.scx) replaces the timer form that was used in version 2.1. The new form replaces the SECONDS() function with the DATETIME() function and provides greater accuracy.

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