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T-Bill is the affordable Open Source Time and Billing Software System designed especially for Consultants and Service Professionals. Designed for Windows Operating Systems using Visual FoxPro, it gives you complete control of time billing accounting by providing you with the source code which can easily be modified by your I/T staff.

MG Software Systems understands that billing is the lifeblood of any service business. Originally designed to handle our own billing, this exciting product is now available for purchase. Sold with the source code, T-Bill Open Source Time and Billing Software is designed to give Consultants and Service Professionals the ultimate in customizable time and billing functionality.

We invite you to experience the T-Bill difference:

  • A complete Time and Billing program designed especially for Consultants and Service Professionals.
  • Includes all source code.
  • Program is multi-user and runs on your LAN - no expensive client-server software required.
  • Supports an unlimited number of users.
  • Easy-to-use data entry screens.
  • You can define an unlimited number of service and expense codes, as well as unique rates for each of your employees, subcontractors and clients, thus allowing you to bill each client and project exactly the way you want to.
  • Recurring transactions make it easy to bill the same expense or service on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
  • Clients may have an unlimited number of projects associated with them.
  • Keep track of client retainer or fund accounts and automatically apply funds to their invoices.
  • Customizable invoices and reports, using the included T-Bill Report Writer.
  • Create a customized Time and Billing solution for your company.
  • Create a T&B module to compliment your packaged accounting software.
  • Written in Visual FoxPro - easy to modify.

You do not have to take our word for it. We invite you to download the free trial version. We are confident that once you try it, you will want to purchase it so you can take advantage of all the advanced features and the incredible flexibility of being able to modify the source code.

Don't see your specialty listed? Consultants contact us to add your area of expertise.

* Acoustical Consultants; Agricultural Consultants; Alcohol Permit Consultants; Animal Nutritionist Consultants; Aquaculture Consultants; Art Consultants; Assessment Consultants; Audio-Visual Consultants; Automotive Consultants; Aviation Consultants; Bank Designers & Consultants; Banks-Consulting Services; Business Management Consultants; Camping Consultants; Chemists-Analytical & Consulting; Child Care Centers-Consultants; Combustion & Heating Consultants; Communications Consultants; Computer Consultants; Computers-System Designers & Consultants; Construction Consultants; Consultant Brokers; Data Systems Consultants; Demolition Consultants; Drilling Consultants; Educational Consultants; Electric Heat Consultants; Electrical Consultants; Electronics-Consultants; Elevator Consultants; Employee Benefit Consultants; Employment Consultants; Energy Conservation & Engineers-Consulting; Estate Consultants; Executive Search Consultants; Executive Training Consultants; Export Consultants; Facilities & Fashion Consultants; Financial Planning Consultants; Food Processing Consultants; Forensic Consultants; Freight-Traffic Consultants; Gaming Consultants; Government-Contract Consultants; Hardware Consultants; Hazardous Chemical Consultants; Health & Fitness Program Consultants; Historical Restoration Consultants; Homes-Nursing Consultants; Hospital Consultants; Housing Consultants; Human Resource Consultants; Industrial Consultants; Industrial Hygiene Consultants; Insurance Consultants; Irrigation Consultants; Labor Relation Consultants; Laboratory Set-Up Consultants; Law Enforcement Consultants; Lighting Consultants; Marine Consultants; Marketing Consultants; Material Handling Systems Consultants; Medical Management Consultants; Meteorological Consultants; Modeling Consultants-Photographic; Mortgage Feasibility Consultants; Motel & Hotel Consultants; Motion Picture Consultants; Music Production Consultants; Navigation Consultants; Noise Control Consultants; Nursing Consultant; Outplacement Consultants; Parking Consultants; Personnel Consultants; Pharmaceutical Consultants; Photographic Consultants; Political Consultants; Pollution Control Consultants; Power Plant Consultants; Printing Consultants; Public Utility Consultants; Publication Consultants; Publishing Consultants; Quality Control Consultants; Radio Interference Consultants; Real Estate Consultants; Recycling Consultants; Risk Management Consultants; Rubber Research & Consulting; Safety Consultants; Sanitation Consultants; Shipping Consultants; Solar Heating Consultants; Systems Consultants; Tax Consultants; Telecommunications Consultants; Textile Consultants; Theatre Consultants; Time and Billing Software Consultants; Toy Consultants; Travel Consultants; Trucking Consultants; Waste Consultants; Wine Consultants; Zoning Consultants. *

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